Hi! My name is Luís Bandarra (@laruibasar) from the small and sunny country Portugal.

I love wine, beer, animals and, of course, technology and computers (not really a geek), mainly a fan of Free and Open Source Software since long time. Been poking around linux since 2000 when I got my very own first pc and powered by at my main workstation since 2010, except for games (love Assassin's Creed game series). Now a traitor for having so much Apple gear (macbook pro, ipad pro and iphone) but my main (and proud) workhorse is powered by Debian Jessie and in the future, hope to be by FreeBSD (as soon I get past asus uefi shitty implementation).

Main work at energy eficiency agency but dabbing in programming and systems administrations, mainly web development and linux. Try learned Java long ago, Javascript, CSS and HTML but as of late, mainly Javascript with is frameworks and starting at Rust (kind of remembering my college times where I done a course with C++ and had to learn it).

Going to start change my professional path, more into programming so this will be my showcase and were I will also do my funny side project.